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Fibre internet & Leased lines

Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC)

Primary Technologies can provide internet services to business and education. Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) is already within reach of more than 17 million homes and businesses across the UK and rollout continues at a rapid pace.

Overall Benefits

  • Speed. Fibre broadband is up to 10 times faster than copper broadband. That means faster uploads and downloads, as well as the ability to run next generation applications, such as IP Voice Services and video streaming.
  • BT are a world leader in communications technology. They are investing heavily in our network to make sure you have access to next generation services that are reliable and future proofed.

Benefits for Business customers

  • Upload photos, files or graphics to the internet in seconds.
  • Use more cloud computing resources, reducing hardware and software capital expenditure.
  • Enjoy higher definition  voice and video calls over the internet.
  • Employees and customers can send and receive large files more efficiently.
  • Improve your company’s web presence to capture customers on-line.

We arrange a free consultation, establish the best services available to you and provide a managed router. Call us today to arrange a free quote.

What We Do?

We specialise in working for local businesses and education establishments to ensure their specification of their services is correct and good value – ensuring excellent services and without paying over the odds. We can offer high-capacity broadband and internet connectivity, with a Service Level Agreements for performance, circuit uptime and core network latency.

Information About Our Services

Internet for some businesses is a necessity these days. Primary Technologies can provide bespoke solutions for businesses and education who want to host their own services at their premises in Folkestone and surrounding areas. This enables super-fast upload and download speeds.

EFM (Ethernet Final Mile)

EFM is a new technology that can give you high speed business-class connection speeds of up to 16Mbps. EFM solutions from Primary Technologies offer you a higher capacity Ethernet service, which is ideal for your business if your existing ADSL Broadband service is not as fast as your requirements need it to be, or if you are looking to cut the costs of your leased line with another provider.

EFM uses bundles of copper pairs which results in them being faster to install as well as offering the benefits of lower costs and higher resilience. EFM speeds are bi-directional, meaning unlike with a standard ADSL connection, you would get the same Upload and Download speeds (i.e. 16Mbps Up and 16Mbps Down). This means EFM is the ideal service for Voice Over IP (VOIP), Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and video conferencing as there’s no loss of voice quality, buffering or other time delay/latency issues that businesses can suffer from using standard broadband. Businesses who rely on fast upload for sending large files would also benefit greatly from this service.

  • Speeds up to 16Mbit/sec
  • Bi-directional Bandwidth for Faster Uploading
  • Unmetered Bandwidth – No Usage Caps or Limits
  • Full Fix Service Level Agreement (SLA) & Guaranteed Uptime
  • No sharing bandwidth on the network
  • BT Openreach installed service
  • Available Contract’s between 1 – 5 Years
  • Option to increase speed during contract
  • The Longer the term, the less the setup costs
  • Managed Firewall

Contact Us Regarding Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) – We Also Can Provide This

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